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Would you like to live in Satoyama(里山: calm mountain village)?

This photo is of an evening of satoyama (里山: calm mountain village) in Minami-izu in early September. It was taken from a guesthouse overlooking a quiet village with fog on the summit.

An increasing number of people are dreaming of living quietly in a tranquil mountain village like this; they might be, especially, those who work in urban areas, those who have spent days of hard work in foreign countries, those who want to live more humanely and calmly from now on, and so on.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are forced to practice social distancing and are forced to continue commuting by train wearing masks, which is inconvenient. As remote work spreads all at once in Japan as well, on the other hand, flexible working styles such as gig workers and nomad workers seem to have finally come to be recognized by society as one of the options. Under these circumstances, it could be said that the time has come when the physical inconvenience due to location is recognized even as an "advantage" from the viewpoint of work-life balance.

Enviable examples stand out, such as remodeling an empty house to live in comfortably, building an imported log house with friends, relocating a kominka (古民家: an old house) to enjoy the "discerning" satoyama life, and embarking on the management of a ryokan (旅館: a country inn) or minshuku (民宿: a country guest house) that has no successors. If you are interested in such an attractive "relocation", please contact us. From a wide range of properties and locations, we will help you with a total solution system, including contracts, administrative procedures, visa (status of residence) procedures, and so on, in order to realize your satisfactory satoyama life.

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