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Aos Azamino One-stop Administrative Lawyer's Office

One-stop Solution Service for Foreign Residents
Corporate/Individual, Overall Optimal

Such as status of residence, business succession, international inheritance, real estate investment, etc.

Are you doing business in Japan? Would you like to have an advisor who can help you with your family life, your children's schooling, or inheritance preparation? Our expert (solicitor: administrative lawyer), who has participated in various kinds of projects as a counselor and has extensive experience in inheritance, financing, and real estate transactions, could be of assistance.

Aos Azamino One-stop Administrative Lawyer's Office

Office information

      It should be difficult to find someone to consult when it is concerning the future of yourself, your family, your employer or the company you run. Even if you try to contact an expert, you might not be able to take the first step because you find difficulty in deciding whom to talk and how.

      It is actually hard to confide in a friendly friend or someone you can trust in a business relationship, asking for advice. In the unlikely event that the other party lacks knowledge, you may end up embarrassing him or her on the contrary. Even a good relationship might be broken... There is nothing but hesitation.

      We propose, therefore, that our professional administrative lawyer (solicitor) would proceed with the following:

① first, after explaining a simple confidentiality agreement (how we protect confidentiality),

② listen carefully to stories that are difficult to grasp on your own,

③ focusing on laws and systems, after explaining the overall picture of the problem in an easy-to-understand manner,

④ confirm your understanding in order what we can do and what we should ask other specialists, and

⑤ wait for your decision whether to proceed with the work.

      Our expert (administrative lawyer), who has participated in various kinds of projects as a counselor and has extensive experience in legal procedures, management, financing, inheritance, and real estate transactions, could offer the shortest-distance possible, as well as comprehensive, solution for your multiple needs. The uniqueness of our approach can be classified into the following three points:

1. "Simplicity" to lead straight to your immediate target

      You might sometimes feel annoyed by high-priced/high-speck "advices" from consulting firms or lawyers. We stick sincerely to the practically reasonable contents of our consultation to fit in best with your situation, which is our motto, to lead straight to your immediate target in the shortest possible time schedule.

2. Economy

      You might think that you cannot discuss anything unless the other party is a lawyer. In practice, however, it is only in the cases where legal or other "disputes" arise or are likely to arise that only lawyers can deal with, and there are basically no restrictions on qualifications for problems before the situation. Of course, if you consult a lawyer from the beginning, you can be relieved. In exchange, however, you might end up paying a premium for unnecessary parts as well.

      In particular, we have various perspectives on procedures for various government agencies other than the Legal Affairs Bureau and courts (that is, procedures not based on the premise of "controversy"), and disputes that involve emotional entanglement among family members and companies, which are not necessarily legal issues.

      A comprehensive review from a "facilitator (general coordinator)" could provide a one-stop response as if a "general physician," after gathering information from each field in a well-balanced manner and based on full understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of such complex issues: the role our office would fulfill.

3. Agency services

      You might not think your company staff would take any actions even after they get advice or documents. Even if that is the case, please be reassured that our staff (administrative lawyer, or an expert in overseas businesses) would take advantage of his strength to team up with your company staff to "final disposition." We would face reality with sincerity and work toward a final solution, putting ourselves in the position of your company, instead of only “finishing up with written advice.”

      The initial consultation (also possible by email or phone) is free of charge, and after we have entered into specific work, procedures, and negotiations, 3,000 to 5,000 yen per hour for business trips, work, attendance, etc. (+ consumption tax ) would be a guideline for the cost (for examples of costs according to the content of the work, please refer to each item in the "Main Business Lines" below).


★If you request multiple tasks together as a "one-stop" deal!

  ・10% discount from the total standard fee regarding order for two tasks together

  ・20% discount from the total standard fee regarding order for three tasks together

  ・30% discount from the total standard fee regarding order for four tasks or more together

      (We will consult individually regarding the judgment of the number of tasks).

  ・It is also possible to consign task progress to the extent possible with limits such as 100,000 yen, 150,000 yen, and so forth (the rest could be resumed next term, for example).

  ・Please inquire about reasonable monthly flat-rate method (advisory contract).


In addition, please contact us individually for the actual expenses incurred separately, expenses for government offices (registration license tax, stamp tax, etc.).

Main business lines

Main Business Lines

Ⅰ Preparation (/drafting) of, oconsultation on, contract, notification, other documents on marriage/divorce/adoption/guardianship/inheritance, and so forth

  1. Preparation and inspection of Japanese/English contracts and other legal documents (if necessary, we will also act as a proxy for requests to other specialists),

  2. Drawing up internal documents: company rules, regulations, manuals, etc.,

  3. Guidance in the method to keep contract/internal documents and easily locate them,

Ⅱ Translation/certification/approvals/licenses

  1. Translating business documents and certificates into Japanese/foreign languages, taking care of getting public certification/apostille and assisting overseas business hub,

  2. Taking care of application for government approvals and licenses and notification to public sector; taking care of, if required, recommissioning to external qualified agents and drawing up application materials,

Ⅲ Designing of in-house systems and the operation

  1. Negotiation with external contractors for creating/changing employee shareholding association plandefined contribution pension system and other benefit programs,

  2. Advice on risk management, drawing up a fire defense plan and planning a fire drill,

  3. Planning of personnel evaluation system, guidance in bonus assessment, interviews with employees and coping with mental health issues,

  4. Laying a groundwork for corporate compliance and assisting the operation (JSOX, insider-trading regulations, etc.),

Agency services

  1. Assisting the operation of shareholder meeting, board meeting and supervisory board meeting, etc.,

  2. Advice and job instruction for budget control, accounting procedures and business planning,

  3. Taking care of arranging external contractors for property/vehicle management, building engineering, purchase and sale, lease, telecommunications, other utilities, etc.,

  4. Dealing with neighborhood people and coping with antisocial forces/other de facto actions,

  5. Establishment of a company, organization restructuring (merger, stock swap, stock transfer and company split) and business transfer,

           ・・・, etc.; we will solve problems from a variety of angles.

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