One-stop Solution Service for Corporate Clients

You could be freed from recruitment while your business challenges being resolved one by one.

Are you the owner or COO of a foreign capital company in Japan? Would you like to have any external contractors to help your company's staff minimize office work, while maintaining minimum compliance standards, for concentrating as many managerial resources as possible in manufacturing or business promotion? Our expert (administrative lawyer), who has participated in various kinds of in-house projects of companies as the employee, or an expert in overseas businesses, could be of assistance.

An outsourcing contractor of corporate administrative services

Azamino One-stop LLC

Company Prospectus

      "I wish I could minimize the number of clerical/administrative staff to save our maximum human resources for our main business line;" it should be what you really think if you are the owner or COO of a foreign capital company in Japan. You could not, on the other hand, concentrate on your jobs if a minimum level of compliance is not ensured in your company yet. You should want to avoid infringing upon customer satisfaction by, for example, inadequate daily business procedures, let alone critical scandals.

      It would be, however, virtually impossible for a company to cultivate in-house human resource capable of constructing a framework of clerical/administrative affairs, especially while the company is still at a start-up stage of business or is determined to run its business with a minimum number of staff. On the other hand, it might be even more difficult to solve the issue by mid-career employment; that is how scarce the type of human resource is in the current job market of Japan.

      A countermeasure we suggest, in response to this situation, is to solve the issue by a one-off outsourcing. Our expert (administrative lawyer), who has participated in various kinds of in-house projects of companies as the employee, or an expert in overseas businesses, could offer the shortest-distance possible, as well as comprehensive, solution for your multiple needs. The uniqueness of our approach can be classified into the following three points:

1. Advice for business improvement

      You might sometimes feel annoyed by high-priced/high-speck "advices" from consulting firms. We stick seriously to the practically reasonable contents of our consultation to fit in best with your position, which is our motto, to lead straight to your immediate target in the shortest possible time schedule.

2. Decision on how to respond, documentation, approval/license, advice for the future, etc.

      You might like to spend more time to concentrate on your main business line than keeping your mind on how to outsource clerical/administrative works specifically to legal advisors, approval/license agents, management consultants, and so on. Such time and effort should also incur a sizable expense. In addition to those, you might not have adequate staff to contact with them. Please simply contact with us in such case; leave all the problems and targets to us as they are. Our expert (administrative lawyer), who has participated in various kinds of in-house projects of companies as the employee, or an expert in overseas businesses, start with "sorting" the problems and targets.

3. Agency services

      You might not think your company staff would take any actions even after they get advices or documents. Even if that is the case, please be reassured that our staff (administrative lawyer, or an expert in overseas businesses) would take advantage of his strength to team up with your company staff to "final disposition." We would respond to brute risk/reality in the teeth and work toward a final solution, putting ourselves in the position of your company, instead of only “finishing up with written advice.”

      “There is no other way but hiring skilled staff in this situation;” before giving up on the other possibility, please check with us. ​You would be able to get to a solution in a short time by a one-off outsourcing to us, without increasing employment cost of your company. (“gig economy”)


NO COST incurred until the job is done and the product is delivered, according to the agreed working process

Main Business Lines

Ⅰ Contract documents/documents

  1. Drawing up, examining and negotiating contract documents in Japanese/English; taking care of, if required, recommissioning to external qualified agents,

  2. Drawing up internal documents: company rules, regulations, manuals, etc.,

  3. Guidance in the method to keep contract/internal documents and easily locate them,

Ⅱ Translation/certification/approvals/licenses

  1. Translating business documents and certificates into Japanese/foreign languages, taking care of getting public certification/apostille and assisting overseas business hub,

  2. Taking care of application for government approvals and licenses and notification to public sector; taking care of, if required, recommissioning to external qualified agents and drawing up application materials,

Ⅲ Designing of in-house systems and the operation

  1. Negotiation with external contractors for creating/changing employee shareholding association plandefined contribution pension system and other benefit programs,

  2. Advice on risk management, drawing up a fire defense plan and planning a fire drill,

  3. Planning of personnel evaluation system, guidance in bonus assessment, interviews with employees and coping with mental health issues,

  4. Laying a groundwork for corporate compliance and assisting the operation (JSOX, insider-trading regulations, etc.),

Agency services

  1. Assisting the operation of shareholder meeting, board meeting and supervisory board meeting, etc.,

  2. Advice and job instruction for budget control, accounting procedures and business planning,

  3. Taking care of arranging external contractors for property/vehicle management, building engineering, purchase and sale, lease, telecommunications, other utilities, etc.,

  4. Dealing with neighborhood people and coping with antisocial forces/other de facto actions,

  5. Establishment of a company, organization restructuring (merger, stock swap, stock transfer and company split) and business transfer,

           ・・・, etc.; we will solve problems from a variety of angles.