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  1. Translating business documents and certificates into Japanese/foreign languages, taking care of getting public certification/apostille and assisting overseas business hub

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      We are providing support for our clients' overseas business by translation, getting public certificates, which are to be submitted to local authorities or companies overseas, on their behalf and so on; they could concentrate their human resources in their main business line while we are doing their paperwork. If you are the owner or COO of a foreign capital company in Japan, we could also be of assistance to you for your company's licensing procedures in Japan.

      We have an expert in various kinds of public procedures including, for example, translating documents ("certificate of registered matters," etc.) and getting public certification/apostille, which should be 

both unfamiliar jobs to average business staff. It could be, therefore, a meaningful business judgment to purchase these kinds of outside experience and expertise to save your company's human resources for your main business line.

 2.  Taking care of application for government approvals and licenses and notification to

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public sector; taking care of, if required, recommissioning to external qualified agents and drawing up application materials

      You should come, during your business evolvement in Japan, to a stage where you need to get government approvals or licenses. You might sometimes need to contact various kinds of qualified agents (lawyers, etc.) for each phase. If your company staff are not familiar with these jobs, however, you could be  puzzled by the complication of the procedures and realize how hard it is to provide direction specifically.

      We have expert staff (including an administrative lawyer) who can discern, in each phase of business, what kind of government approval or notification to public sector is required and who would be the most adequate agent to finish the procedure in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. We are also maintaining a network with efficient qualified agents.

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