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One-stop Solution Service for Individual Clients in Japan

We will deal with multiple needs, as a whole, such as on property, relatives and inheritance.

Trouble beyond your control; you might not have any idea whom to ask and what, and might like to have someone to explain how to deal with the whole affairs...  And besides, you might like to have as much work as possible handled by the person or company...

An administrative lawyaer's office for individural legal matters

Azamino One-stop Administrative Lawyer's Office

      As is common with the troubles of these kinds, you might dither over whom or to which company to ask, and what/how... It might be the situation that you could not make the first step and are spending your days with little progress.

      You would not try to consult with a close friend or a trustable co-worker as to such a private matters. If he or she does not have enough knowledge on those and is embarrassed for it... You might be afraid your relationship would fall apart because of it.


      What we suggest for such a situation are:

a legal expert (an administrative lawyer) will explain our simple format of non-disclosure agreement;

② he will listen attentively to your story;

he will simply explain the general configuration of the situation, especially in terms of Japanese law;

he will explain what we can do and what we have to recommission to another specialist;

he will ask you if we should get on with the job.


We have been developing considerable expertise in various kinds of public procedures and are proud of our  competency to offer the shortest-distance possible, as well as comprehensive, solution for your multiple needs. The uniqueness of our approach can be classified into the following two points:

1. Simplicity

      You might hesitate to directly call an attorney even if you have the financial capability. If you would just like to talk to someone on what you are worried about, before a negotiation with an attorney on startup fee for example, please contact us. Our administrative lawyer could be of assistance.

2. Economic efficiency

      You might not think it worthwhile to consult with anyone other than an attorney. Actually, however, there is no restriction on non-lawyer's consultation about legal matters until the situation is expected to lead to a lawsuit. You would probably get reassured by hiring an attorney from the first time but, at the same time, it might incur an unnecessarily high cost. For example, attorneys are not necessarily familiar with general government procedures, other than those of Ministry of Justice or court, and frequently recommission such jobs to administrative lawyers. Our administrative lawyer is a skilled practical-type and could be of assistance to you, giving full scope to his ability.

      If you just think you might feel better when you talk to someone even on non-legal matters, for example, please contact us.

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